Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The White, Heterosexual, Gay, African-American

John Scalzi said it way better than I ever could, white straight men have it extremely easy.  I know,  I'm a white,  straight man. The only barrier I have is my genetics.  When I see white men using racial or sexual slurs it makes me want to beat the shit out of their parents.

This all came about because I ran 12 raids in Looking For Raid (LFR) in WoW this weekend.  I'm sure you've added 2 &  2 and got dipshit, white guy.  Granted, 99% of my LFR groups went flawless with minimal altercations, but it was that 1% that prompted me to write this post. It's that 1% that can turn the white straight male privilege into a burden. A burden that will be harder and take longer to rectify than a skin color, gender, or sexual preference because our burden will be self inflicted and not a genetic trait we can't help.

Us white guys,  can't understand the pain and suffering it takes to dig our way out of the hate trenches.  Monday is Martin Luther King Jr Day. It's a day to celebrate what he did for everybody not just the African-Americans. He gave his life because he chose to stand up for doing the right thing no matter what.  You think he didn't get 100's of death threats a day? He still woke up every morning to fight against hate until the day he died by the hands of a straight, white man.

Today we have a huge flux of gay rights in the media.  We don't have more gay people,  we just have more people that are fed up with being oppressed. Everybody has a breaking point where they can't stand being pushed in the closet anymore.  Sooner or later people are going to start pointing more and more fingers at the white, straight male and our burden will grow more.  Just like the gay,  race,  or sex burden we throw on ourselves by telling someone they are a "fag", "pussy", or "nigger". It's nobody's fault but our own.

Playing a relaxing game there is no need to type or say any disparaging terms. We all know most WoW players are a bunch of spoiled, white males. That's right,  SPOILED! If you're on the Internet playing video games,  you're spoiled.  You have a house, computer, Internet, and a video game you can dedicate your free time to.  I'm sorry,  but that's spoiled. I'm spoiled,  but I know it and I don't flaunt it.

This fearful group of white "kids"  takes their time during your leisure time to elegantly type in chat,  "you're a bunch of stupid niggers!"  They just added one more brick to our shoulders. Thank you,  you selfish, spoiled,  little shit.  They are and will always be a waste of space.  If they can't understand that hate in those words and their stupid, ass parents never taught them what they mean,  their whole family is doomed for years to come to slowly slip into what they fear most, a poor minority.

Nothing moves my fingers to the "Report"  button faster than hateful slurs.  That person is consciously choosing to degrade another person and in the act, they are making me look stupid too.  Just like this post of a topic that's been regurgitated over and over,  life will go full circle if we don't stop the hate.  One day, the straight, white male will be spit on and told to go to the back of the bus if we continue hating on others for their choices that make them happy.

I'm sure none of those douchebags will ever read this and the people that do are in the same mind as me.  We should accept each person as who they are and how they treat us.

A gay man is not contagious and he won't try to have sex with any straight white male. Men that think this only fear they will be treated the same way they treat women, like a sex object not a person. A black man isn't going to rob a straight, white male. A woman isn't a feminist lesbian that is trying suppress the straight, white male. People just want to be treated good so they can live their lives happy. They want it as easy as the straight,  white man and the only person that fears this equality is the straight,  white male.  There is nothing to fear, there is room for everybody to be happy at the top. 

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