Saturday, August 2, 2014

Blaugust Day 2: Being Unpopular

This post is going to be short because it's hard for me to post on the weekends. I'm trying though to support a friend with his great idea. It's great doing great things even if it might not be the popular thing to do. It's never popular on the Internet to do something positive. It seems the Internet thrives on the popular and not what is right and what is fun. I've become one of the unpopular guys because I'm not playing the FoTM game. Even though I've been riding the adrenaline high of the speeding beta trains coming out over the past 6 years, it's time for me to get off and enjoy myself. Even if it means all by myself.

The last month I've been playing DC Universe Online. It's not an amazing game, but it is super fun to me. It let's me get in and learn about superheroes. I'm not a comic book fan so I don't know a lot of these stories. The game is like my comic book in motion. I'm having a lot of fun even though I'm not playing with anybody. Yeah I'm in a small, wonderful guild, but most of the time it's only 2 or 3 of us online at a time.

I finally made it to level only took me 22 days to do. I'm not a hard core player either. A guy in our guild made it from 1-30 in 3 days. Once you hit 30 a bunch of really cool story arches open up. Surprisingly, the grouping in the game is painless and super fast. As a DPS it only took me 20 sec to find a 4 person group.

So, even though I'm playing an unpopular game and streaming my fun every night, I really don't care like I used to. I used to worry if someone was reading my words or if anybody was going to play with me. I feel a lot of the problem with my game hoping was my fault of depending on other people to have fun. I quit playing some really awesome games because others left after 30 days. Wildstar is one of those games. I love that game and I plan on going back to it very soon. When I do I'm going to play by myself, for myself. I won't depend on other people to help me make fun. The best thing DCUO had taught me is to have fun by myself.

Of course I wish all my Internet buddies played DCUO, but I think I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much with them there. I think I would've worried about what they thought and if they were going to play with me. I'm glad they haven't taken interest in it so I could find my own way. I had time to find my gaming voice like my blog voice. It's my style and I need to do what makes me feel happy no matter what everybody else is saying or doing. I might be an unpopular blogger with a wacky style playing an unpopular game, but damn I'm having a great time doing it.

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  1. I'm glad you are having fun doing what you want :) I am trying to do the same at the moment :)