Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blaugust 5th: Crazy For You!

Every time I boot up Twitch I think about why I stream. Why am I doing this? Why would anybody watch me? What can I do to make my stream more interesting? How can I make my stream more professional looking? I don’t want to make money streaming or get millions of viewers, I just want people that watch me to really enjoy the entertainment I’m giving them.

As I wrote yesterday, I would like to stream a game of my readers’ choice for 30 days. I never required them to watch the stream or read my blog, just vote for the fun of it. I’m an MMO gamer and a lot of the fun in playing MMOs is interacting with people.  A lot of the bad crap that goes on is interacting with people too. You can half glass it however you see fit. I prefer the glass has liquid to drink. Depending on the people at that time, the liquid can taste great or be some nasty sewage.

I’m really enjoying Blaugust because it brings out the good in the community. Like Belghast said in his post today, it’s not about cramming in posts everyday just to win a contest; it’s about learning the joys of writing on a schedule. It’s personally rewarding for me to write and stream. I love them both because it gives me a chance to express myself in ways real life won’t allow. Well, it will allow if I want to be put in a loony bin. I like to entertain and have fun in different ways, Blaugust gives me the chance to find a way in my schedule to take more time out to do the things I love. Just like finding time every morning at 5am to work out, I need to find my perfect time to set aside time to work out my creative side. This community project is helping that. Not to mention I’m finding more and more blogs every day that I enjoy reading. I’ve even discovered blogs that didn’t do the NBI. That in itself makes Blaugust a success.

So what is my point in streaming a game I want you to vote on, but I don’t care if you watch? Streaming is a way I can verbally express myself and hone my speaking skills. I’m not a bad speaker, but I love practicing and expelling my thoughts in an open forum like streaming. I’ve had people leave my streaming channel disgusted I didn’t talk about serious matters while I’m streaming. My stream is fueled by games, but the power under the hood is my ramblings. Until people give me any type of feedback, I will always have brain diarrhea on my streams. My blog is the same way. You either love the way I do things or you hate it. I have several good blogging friends that do not read me because they do not like my style; I’m ok with that and I never hold it against them. I love that they are honest with me and can tell me they do not read me, but they like who I am as a person.

No matter what you should vote on the game I should play. It’s all in good fun even if you don’t give a crap.

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