Tuesday, May 27, 2014

ESO Casual Frustration

I want to start this post off by stating how much I love ESO. The crafting is amazing. The game is beautiful. It is simple to find a group and the combat is extremely fun to me. I love ESO, but right now it's not for me.

Every time I log into ESO I become frustrated within 10 mins of playing it; I'm constantly forced to go back to town to empty my bags. It's a game breaker for me because I only get an hour or less during the week to play games and I don't want to spend 30-40 min of it in town managing my bags. This it my typical night in ESO:

1. Kill things for 10 min before my bags are full.

2. Port to town.

3. Go to vendor and see what I can sell to make money to upgrade my bags.

4. Notice 80% of my bag space is full of crafting materials that are worth 0 at the vendor.

5. Run to full bank to see what can stack.

6. Bags still at 50% full.

7. Run to crafting station to break down drops.

8. Run to another crafting station to break down drops that are not in same area as last crafting station.

9. See what I can craft to help level my crafting that is way behind my character. Which means I need to go back to newbie zone to farm... Screw that.

10. Go back to bank to see what can stack.

11. Bags still 40-50% full of crap I need to craft but my bank is full and the mats are 0 gold at vendor.

12. 30 mins in town has passed and I've only killed and quested for 10 mins. I now only have 20 min to play, max.

13. Port to where I was questing.

15. I log out in frustration knowing I'll have to do this exact same thing tomorrow and I'm still 400 gold short of getting more bag space. That is just on me but my full bank too and that costs more money.

I love the game, but this system to get me to go to town and slow me down is pissing me off. I just don't have time for this type of system. Unfortunately, that means a game I love 90% of the time, won't be played by me because I play to relax not to get frustrated. It's not even about money to me. If this game was free to play I think I'd be more pissed because then I'd know for sure this system would be in place to get me to use a cash shop to buy more bags.

You see, it's really not the game it's me. My lifestyle does not jive with how ESO needs to be played. It pains me a lot because I really want to play the game.

Reaching out to my guild and Twitter followers I hear comments like:

1. I have a Mule or several Mules for that. Ya, not and option for me and it sounds a horrible way to get people to make alts.

2. ESO bag space is a nightmare. So it's not just me that had this problem.

A lot of people have this problem,  but they can cope because of their play style or their blind love for the Elder Scrolls IP. I could care less about the IP and my play style obviously doesn't fit this game. It's time for me to put the game aside until I feel I have time for it or something changes.

Bye bye ESO. I've loved and lost.


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    1. I'm with ya man, I'm with ya.... (Gazes wistfully in rear veiw at ESO)

  2. I have an old bag you can have...I date her. HAHAHA