Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boy Learns The Internet

"Son, today is your 10th birthday.
I'm going to teach you the Internet today."

"Wow dad, that sounds exciting! "

"Oh it is, but it can be frightening! "

" That sounds scary to me. "

" Fear not son, I'll teach you what to see. "

" Great, I can't wait to see it dad. "

" Just follow my exact directions
and we'll avoid unwanted erections"

"What is that dad? "

" It's not for you lad. "

" Oh it doesn't sound fun to look up. "

" Never search for 2 girls and a cup. "

" Is that a scary game adults play? "

" I hope not! It's to entertain in a way. "

" I don't like the sound of it.
How about we look at a new mit? "

" Awesome! Let me Google that. "

" Dad, where is Google at? "

" Google is everywhere and it knows what you want.
You can search this, that and find a funny font."

" Oh cool let me do that quick. "

" No son, you wrote the word dick! "

" Daddy, that man is holding his thing. "

" Quick son look away from his ding! "

" Why is he putting it in her mouth? "

" Fuck son, look to the South! "

" What's going on dad?
Why is she so glad? "

" Shit your mom is going to kill me! "

" It's ok dad maybe she'll want to see. "

" Oh man, she is going to be mad. "

" Look dad, that's mom and she looks glad. "

" What? Your mother is on this site?
Odd it says, live stream last night. "

"Didn't mom say she was at school?"

"Yes son,  she's been playing me as a fool. "

" Maybe this is her class course? "

" Either way, we're going to divorce! "

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